Nuton’s Positive Impact Ambition

Finding better ways

We advocate for a new way of doing business that positively contributes to society, the environment, and the economy. Beyond mitigating risks or reducing harm, we champion the idea that businesses can and should have a responsibility to regenerate and restore the systems they depend on.

Our Positive Impact ambition

At Nuton, we aim to produce the world’s lowest footprint copper while having at least one Positive Impact at each of our deployment sites, across our five pillars: water, materials, energy, land and society.

As a technology venture, we don’t operate mines directly, so most of our footprint originates outside typical business boundaries. For this reason, achieving our Positive Impact ambition requires close collaboration and strong partnerships with our mining partners. At each site, we’ll work with you to select a pillar to focus our efforts, bringing the ambition to life through a robust plan and transparent metrics to track progress.

We have defined what achieving a Positive Impact means for each of our pillars, and have developed a detailed measurement framework that will ensure we stay on course:

Positive Impact pillars


We aim to replenish or restore more water, of the same quality or better, than the water withdrawn or consumed in the Nuton process.


We aim to support the generation of more renewable energy than the energy Nuton consumes in its process.


We aim to regenerate or repurpose more land, at a greater quality, than the land used during the Nuton process.


We aim to work with local host communities to fulfil self-defined goals leaving them in a better position than before Nuton’s deployment.


We aim to valorise resources otherwise deemed waste or a liability in larger volumes than the residues produced through the Nuton process.

The value of Nuton’s Positive Impact ambition

Smaller production footprint and reduced impacts

Our bioleaching technologies set a new benchmark on the environmental footprint of copper production. By eliminating the need for a concentrator and generating no tailings, Nuton has less need for water and land than traditional copper production methods. Together with mine site partners, Nuton technologies can set a powerful example: mining can be compatible with positive outcomes for people and the planet.

Generating greater value from our resources

Resource stewardship is at the core of what we do. Our industry-leading copper recoveries mean we can extract more copper from each unit of ore. The technology also offers the possibility to reevaluate legacy sites, including tailings and low-grade stockpiles, uncovering opportunities to turn what others see as waste or a liability into valuable resources.

Producing copper from mine to metal in one place

Our technologies can empower mine site partners to process their ore on-site, yielding pure copper cathode ready for downstream uses. This is a remarkably efficient solution, as this shortens and optimises the supply chain from mine to cathode. With Nuton, our partners can avoid the high-impact journey from mine to metal. Producing cathode directly at the mine site not only guarantees transparency regarding its origin and quality, but also ensures a clear understanding of the involved processes for downstream customers.

Global positive aspirations