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We aspire to create the best products in the world, and the best products for the world.

We know this hinges on the power of strong partnerships, so we actively seek partners with an open mind and open communication. Through collaboration, we continuously improve our performance to ensure Nuton copper is responsibly produced, and that the value we create is shared.

Each partner brings unique resources and perspectives, and we contribute our 30 years of research and development, uniquely tailoring our suite of technologies for their needs. Together, we aim to responsibly produce copper for a more sustainable future.




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Altar, (Aldebaran Resources) San Juan-Argentina

Altar is a copper-gold project located in San Juan province, Argentina, in a cluster that includes Glencore’s El Pachón and McEwen Mining’s Los Azules in Argentina, as well as Los Pelambres mine on the Chile side.

In 2024, Nuton entered into a collaboration agreement with Aldebaran to evaluate the use of Nuton technologies on Altar.

AntaKori, (Regulus Resources) Cajamarca-Peru

AntaKori is a brownfield project located in the active mining district of Yanacocha-Hualgayoc, in Cajamarca. At an altitude of 4,000m, this project is immediately adjacent to the operating mine of Tantahuatay.

Nuton holds approximately 16% of Regulus Resources and sees great potential to use Nuton technologies at this and other sites.

Cactus Mine and Parks/Salyer (Arizona Sonoran Copper Company) Arizona-US

The Cactus Mine (formerly the Sacaton Mine) is a brownfield open-pit mines, located at the convergence of three major geologic zones in western Pinal County, Arizona. Parks/ Salyer is an exploration stage project contiguous to the Cactus Mine.

In 2023, Arizona Sonoran granted Nuton an exclusive option to joint venture that provides Nuton the ability to acquire up to a 40% interest in ASCU´s Cactus Project for total funding of up to US$33 million in cash. Nuton is currently conducting column testing at this site, which will inform future applications of the technologies.

Escondida, (BHP) Antofagasta-Chile

Escondida is the largest producer of copper concentrates and cathodes in the world. Located in Antofagasta region, this mine is operated by BHP, which is the majority owner (57.5%) in a joint venture with Rio Tinto (30%) and a Japanese consortium, JECO Corp (12.5%). Escondida’s two pits feed three concentrator plants, as well as two leaching operations (oxide and sulphide). In Escondida´s growth pathway, Nuton is being studied as one of the competing technologies in leaching.

Los Azules, (McEwen Copper) San Juan-Argentina

Los Azules is a greenfield project located in San Juan Province, Argentina. This advanced-stage porphyry copper exploration project is considered within the top 10 largest undeveloped copper resources in the world.

Los Azules has a 28-year mine life producing 175,000 tons of copper per year with supergene resources only. If the Nuton is used to process primary resources, the mine life could potentially increase to 40 years.

The Project has a low carbon footprint, estimated in the lowest 15% of copper projects in the world, with the ultimate goal to be net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2038.

Nuton holds approximately 14.5% of McEwen Copper.

Johnson Camp Mine, (Excelsior Mining) Arizona-US

Excelsior Mining Corp. is a copper production company that owns and operates the Gunnison Copper Project and the Johnson Camp Mine (JCM), both located in Cochise County, in Southern Arizona.

Nuton is partnering with JCM, an inactive open pit mine site to commercially demonstrate the Nuton technologies on a 2-million-ton heap and process the leach solution at the existing Solvent Extraction & Electrowinning plant.

Yerington, (Lion Copper & Gold) Nevada-US

The Yerington Mine is a past producing open-pit copper mine located in the Yerington district in Nevada – one of the largest copper districts in the United States, with +10mt of contained copper. Formerly operated by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, this asset produced approximately 360 million tons of material from the pit between 1952 and 1978. At this legacy site, Nuton aims to deploy its technology to recover additional copper by targeting rock left unmined in the Yerington Mine as well as residual materials that were previously considered uneconomic.

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